You can join us online at the link below. However, if you’d prefer, you can drop into your local Member First branch to join in person.

… or visit a branch

Book Appointment or Drop-in

Please note for our Artane and Northside branches you need to book an appointment to join us. All other branches facilitate drop-in applications.

You can book your appointment in any MFCU branch or over the phone on (01) 851 3400.

Bring required documents

Provide required documents; proof of address, photo ID and PPS numbers* and Irish Residence Permit** (if applicable) along with your application form. Membership of MFCU only costs €1 and you have to lodge €5 to activate your account.

Wait for approval

Your application will be sent to the
membership committee for approval. You’ll get your account details in the post.


photo id

A valid Passport or Driving Licence (Provisional or Full). An Irish Residence Permit (IRP) may also be required. ** For a Joint Account, proof of ID is required for everyone named on the account. And for children, we need the child’s Birth Cert and photo ID for the parent/guardian.
proof of address
One of the following is required, and it must be dated within the last six months. Utility bill, Bank account statement or credit card statement or Revenue letters/documents. For children, proof of address of parent/guardian is fine.

pps number

P60 or P45, P21 Balancing Statement, Employer’s Payslip. And for members under 18, we’ll need either their Social Service Card or a letter from the Department of Social and Family Affairs confirming their PPS Number. Medical Card and EHIC card are also accepted.(NOTE: P60 and P45 documents cannot be used as proof of address.)

* The Public Services Card cannot be accepted as Proof of Identity or Proof of PPSN. ** Accounts can only be opened for applicants whose Visa or IRP (Irish Residence Permit) expiry is greater than 3 months from the account opening date.

How To Join


In Your Branch

Online help

Need help with our Mobile App and Desktop? We have Tutorials available to help you manage your MFCU online account.

What’s the difference between a bank and a credit union?

Banks are for-profit financial institutions and credit unions are not-for-profit.

When members borrow and save with us, you’re funding our support of a variety of local community initiatives. We are a member-owned organisation that provides a financial service to cater for the needs of members. We offer great-value loans and free savings accounts for all members. As the name suggests, we put our members first.

Other Services

Online Banking

MFCU online gives you easy access to your credit union account through our Online Banking options.

Peopl. Insurance

Peopl. Insurance brings a new type of insurance based on the collective power of ordinary people coming together to change things.

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