Introducing Digital Membership - the fastest way to join Member First.

You can join us online at the link above. However, if you’d prefer, you can drop into your local Member First branch to. Find your nearest branch here

How to Join In-Branch

Choose Membership Type

Decide what type of membership suits you - joint, single or juvenile account. Fill in an application form available below for download or in branch. Complete and return to your local branch.

Provide Required Documents

Provide required documents; proof of address, photo ID and PPS numbers* along with your application form. Membership of MFCU only costs €1 and you have to lodge €5 to activate your account.

Wait for Approval

Your application will be sent to the membership committee for approval. You'll get your account details in the post.

*Please note that the Public Service Card cannot be accepted as proof of identity or proof of PPSN.

What do our members say

Staff are very nice & helpful 🤚
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Staff very professional and pleasant and helpful answering my 100 questions.
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What can I say to give them justice, wonderful staff always ready for a wee chat, friendly and so helpful, I would be lost without them lifesavers many times well done 😊😊😊
⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

I would say the staff is v good n helpful 😊
⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

Excellent service staff very helpful keep up the good work.
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The staff are so friendly and accommodating. Excellent Customer care.
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Photo ID

A valid Passport or Driving Licence (Provisional or Full).For a Joint Account, proof of ID is required for everyone named on the account. And for children, we need the child’s Birth Cert as well as Photo ID, and photo ID for the parent/guardian.

Proof of Address

One of the following is required, and it must be dated within the last six months. Utility bill, Bank account statement or credit card statement or Revenue letters/documents.For children, proof of address of parent/guardian is fine. Please note that P60 and P45 documents cannot be used as proof of address.

PPS Number

P60 or P45, P21 Balancing Statement, Employer’s Payslip. And for members under 18, we’ll need either their Social Service Card or a letter from the Department of Social and Family Affairs confirming their PPS Number.

Not Sure about MFCU?


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The maximum amount of savings for all members who open or reactivate their account after the 8th December 2020 is €15,000. The maximum amount of savings for all minor members (under the age of 16) is €5,000. These amounts are inclusive of all balances in Savings Accounts, Special Savings Account, CU Cash or Xmas Deposit Account.