The next generation credit union.

Great value loans. Hassle-free savings.

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6 branches in North Dublin

Great Value Loans

Interest is calculated on the reducing loan balance.

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Hassle-free Savings Accounts

All members are part-owners of our credit union.

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98% Approval Rate

We approve 98% of all loan applications.

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Great value loans. Hassle-free savings.

You’ll like that we’re nothing like a bank. For a start, we go out of our way to make things happen. That means loans without having to jump through hoops, and savings accounts with minimum hassle. You can also talk to us face-to-face. Get advice from someone who understands. And even make a payment in cash. See, not at all like a bank!

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The next generation credit union

There’s no bluster and no baggage. We simply concentrate on the services members want, and offer expertise in these areas. We believe strongly in the spirit of the Credit Union, but we’re also prepared to do our own thing. Our members are always looking to the future – the next dream, the next loan, the next thing to save for. And now with us, their Credit Union is too.

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Multiple Branch Locations

Our branches are based across North Dublin and we have longer and more convenient opening hours than other financial institutions. And we open on Saturdays too!

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24/7 Account Access

Our online and mobile services allow you to manage your account and apply for a loan when it suits you, whether that’s at night when the kids are gone to bed or on the commute home from work.

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Affordable Loans

Whatever it is you dream about – taking that holiday, buying a new car, getting a new kitchen or something else entirely – you can make it happen with a an affordable loan from Member First Credit Union.

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Community support

It’s about being a good neighbour. Member First Credit Union proudly supports a variety of community activities – from local schools, education initiatives and literacy programmes to the arts, community groups and sports clubs.

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We have years of experience

We have been providing loans to our members for over 50 years making us one of North Dublin’s No. 1 loan providers

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Instant Join & Apply

Gone are the days where you had to be a member of the Credit Union for a certain period before getting a loan. You can join Member First Credit Union and apply for a loan immediately

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