Meet the Team

64 staff and 9 board members, dedicated to the credit union movement.

Your Management Team

Meet the people who are responsible for member satisfaction and ensuring that we always deliver on the three Ps – Positive Experience, Personal Touch and Professional Service.

Fiona Cunningham, CEO

John Phillips, Deputy CEO

Edwina Cunnane, Chief Financial Officer

Mick Walsh, Head of Regulatory Compliance

Edel Phillips, Head of Credit

Conor Ralph, Digital Marketing Manager

Your Local Branch Team Leaders

In every branch, you’ll find a team of people ready and willing to help you. See who’s the team leader in your local branch, and you’ll always be able to put a name to the friendly face that greets you.

Dawn Lindsay, Senior Branch Supervisor

Jennifer Kavanagh, Digital Hub

Rachel Cole, Trinity Branch

Lindsey Murray, Ayrfield & Raheny Branches

Jason Moran, Artane Branch

Rosanna Del Rio, Northside Branch

Niamh Warren, Swords Branch

Your Board of Directors

This is the member-elected volunteer board of directors. These are the people responsible for ensuring the good corporate governance, the trustworthiness and the effective and sustainable management of Member First Credit Union.

Grainne Brennan, Chairperson

Valerie Mulvaney, Secretary

Gene Boyd, Board Member

Michael McKenna, Board Member

Bridget Johnston, Board Member

Pascal Delahunty, Board Member

Olive McMahon, Board Member

Catherine Bannon, Board Member

Eamonn Free, Board Member

Your Board Oversight Committee

The Board Oversight Committee is an independent body elected at the AGM to assess, evaluate, and report on your Board of Directors

George Mongey, Board Oversight Committee

Helen Walker, Board Oversight Committee

Kay Byrne, Board Oversight Committee

Nominations to the Board of Directors or Board Oversight Committee:


It is the responsibility of the Nominations Committee to ensure that there is an appropriate Succession Plan in place for the Board of Directors. As such, we are preparing a panel of suitable candidates for nomination to the Board of Directors in future years as vacancies arise. We actively encourage members who have expertise and experience in any relevant area to consider putting themselves forward for election as either a Director or a member of the Board Oversight Committee. Key areas of expertise required include Marketing, Governance, Risk and Finance. If you are interested in the role of Director, contact the Credit Union for details around the competency requirements for the role.


If you are interested in standing for the Board of Directors in the future and wish to be considered for our Directorship Programme please email