Welcome to Member First Credit Union

We are one of the largest Credit Unions in Ireland, serving communities across North Dublin.

You’ll find we are different, a breath of fresh air. For instance, we embrace the technology that makes saving and lending easier, so you can transact from home or work if that’s best for you. On the other hand, you can call in to lodge money, make a payment or ask for advice. You don’t get that everywhere these days!


But don’t worry. Despite the innovations, the technology and the enthusiasm, we’re still very firmly rooted in the community. And that’s something we will never forget.

Savings and loans. On your terms.

You’ll like that we’re nothing like a bank. For a start, we go out of our way to make things happen. That means savings accounts without having to jump through hoops, and loans with minimum hassle. You can also talk to us face-to-face. Get advice from someone who understands. And even make a payment in cash. See, not at all like a bank!

The next generation of credit union.

There’s no bluster and no baggage. We simply concentrate on the services members want, and offer expertise in these areas. We believe strongly in the spirit of the Credit Union, but we’re also prepared to do our own thing. Our members are always looking to the future – the next dream, the next loan, the next thing to save for. And now with us, their Credit Union is too.

Annual Reports

Our Annual General Reports are available to view. Click on the report below that you would like to read.

Annual Report 2017

Annual Report 2018

Your Board of Directors

This is the member-elected volunteer board of directors. These are the people responsible for ensuring the good corporate governance, the trustworthiness and the effective and sustainable management of Member First Credit Union.

Joan Barker, Chairperson

Michael McKenna, Vice – Chairperson

Bridget Johnston, Secretary

Catherine Bannon, Board Member

Grainne Brennan, Board Member

Pascal Delahunty, Board Member

Richard Murphy, Board Member

Olive McMahon, Board Member

Jeff Kennedy, Board Member

John Matthews, Board Member

Valerie Mulvaney, Board Member

Your Board Oversight Committee

The Board Oversight Committee is an independent body elected at the AGM to assess, evaluate, and report on your Board of Directors

George Mongey, Board Oversight Committee

Helen Walker, Board Oversight Committee

Paddy Carpenter, Board Oversight Committee

Nominations to the Board of Directors or Board Oversight Committee:


It is the responsibility of the Nominations Committee to ensure that there is an appropriate Succession Plan in place for the Board of Directors. As such, we are preparing a panel of suitable candidates for nomination to the Board of Directors in future years as vacancies arise. We actively encourage members who have expertise and experience in any relevant area to consider putting themselves forward for election as either a Director or a member of the Board Oversight Committee. Key areas of expertise required include Marketing, Governance, Risk and Finance. If you are interested in the role of Director, contact the Credit Union for details around the competency requirements for the role.


If you are interested in standing for the Board of Directors in the future and wish to be considered for our Directorship Programme please email info@mfcu.ie.


Your Management Team

Meet the people who are responsible for member satisfaction and ensuring that we always deliver on the three Ps – Positive Experience, Personal Touch and Professional Service.

Fiona Cunningham, CEO

John Phillips, Deputy CEO

Edwina Cunnane, Chief Financial Officer

Darren O’Reilly, Chief Marketing Officer

Jacqui Griffin, Business Support & Control Manager

Carol Boon, IT & Facilities Manager

Your Local Branch Team Leaders

In every branch, you’ll find a team of people ready and willing to help you. See who’s the team leader in your local branch, and you’ll always be able to put a name to the friendly face that greets you.

Rachel Cole, Raheny Branch

Lindsey Murray, Artane Castle Branch

Jennifer Kavanagh, Artane Branch

Garrett Ffrench, Swords Branch

Dawn Lindsay, Northside Shopping Centre Branch