Student Members Save €300,000

School Savers from 35 of our local schools have collectively saved a grand total of €301,221.56 this year! This is a phenomenal achievement for our young members, who are learning the value of saving their money each week.


As part of our School Savings Scheme, each school is presented with a cheque for €1,000 as a thank you for their participation every year. Just like St. Cronan’s JNS in the video below.



There is a €150 Smyth’s Voucher awarded to the best saver in every school, too. But it’s not about how much the students save, it’s how often they do so. Just like the winner from Scoil Aine in Raheny below.



For more of these videos, check out our Facebook and Twitter pages, where we feature one school each week!


Our School Savings Scheme creates a positive perception of saving money, and allows our younger members to prepare for future costs like college fees. If you’d like to find out more about our School Savings Scheme, click here.

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