Holiday on a budget

When your finances are strained, a holiday can seem so far away. It is understandably the first thing to be sacrificed, and rightly so. But the cost of a holiday doesn’t have to be unattainable. We often think that to get away we need to save drastically for a number of weeks. And spend it all in one lump on our week off. With a Personal Loan, you can spread the cost of the holiday into more realistic payments. And while you’re enjoying your time away, here’s some tips to enjoy your holiday on a budget.


Consider self-catering


Although it’s not always the cheapest listing on travel sites, self-catering provides much more than meets the eye. The added cost can be clawed back through making your own meals, rather than splashing out on overpriced cafe’s and restaurants three times a day.


Beware of the all-inclusive trap


While all you can eat and drink may sound appealing, it can drag you in to a false economy. It can spoil your holiday by making you feel confined to the hotel each night. If you do head out you can experience an overwhelming feeling of guilt when you’ve already paid for your meal back at the hotel. There are also different meanings for the “All-inclusive package” across different providers. Some will cap your consumption, and even limit food and drink to certain times of the day. If you are happy to go with the all-inclusive offer, be sure to read up on the terms and conditions.


Connecting flights


Connecting flights can be an excellent way to save money on travel costs. Check with your travel agent or a flight comparison site to see if there are any savings to be had. It could be worth waiting around the extra few hours. But remember, boredom can lead to spending unnecessary cash, so be sure to have a plan for how you will spend those few hours waiting around that doesn’t involve spending all your money before you even reach the resort.


Consider your options


Technology has brought great money saving opportunities to our fingertips where holidays are concerned. Sites like Airbnb can show us cheaper alternatives to often overpriced hotel stays. You can also plan and book trips in advance with recommendation sites like TripAdvisor, which saves you money when you land. Information is power and familiarising yourself with your destination can help you to spot a bargain and even sniff out a scam.


Off-peak times


Flights in the middle of the day are usually cheaper than the first flight out in the morning. So if you can hold your excitement for a couple more hours, you can have some extra cash for when you do land. Off-peak seasons are also a good opportunity to grab a bargain. While jealousy may set in when you see others jetting off in July and August, just think how they feel when you’re packing your suitcase in the depths of winter.


Remember, saving doesn’t have to be a mad dash before you fly. Set up a regular savings account to take the pressure off. Or – if you want to pay for your holiday now – check out our Personal Loans. With no penalty for early repayment, you can repay your holiday in manageable instalments before planning your next adventure.


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