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5 tips for Winterproofing your home

Winter is upon us. Not only are weather warnings a pain for us all, they can be a testing time for your home too. But there are some changes you can make – both big and small – that can help to weather the storm. Here’s 5 tips to get your home nice and warm for Winter.


From wall cavities to your water heater, insulation can have a positive effect on keeping cold air outside – and warm air inside – your home. Insulation can also apply to our bodies.


Easy fixes to insulate your home and reduce those heating bills


1) Use Insulation Kits and Weatherproofing strips to seal all cracks. Most local hardware stores stock them. We spotted some at Kellys HomeValue and Woodies online!

2) Use a Door snake to prevent heat from escaping the room. You can easily make these at home! Find out more.


Also, don’t waste money with the heating on full blast while you wander the house in your summer gear. Turn down the temperature and grab yourself a cosy jumper.

update your Thermostat

A modern thermostat allows you to set timers for when you want your heating to kick in.  Newer systems even allow you set all this from your mobile device when you’re out of the house. Meaning that every second your heating is switched on, it is put to best use.



Learn more about Smart Thermostats and the best ones to buy on the Electric Ireland website.

Thermal Curtains and Blinds

Thermal blinds and curtains will not only be a great investment in terms of energy saving but it will also be a great home improvement feature.


You choose from a variety of colours and designs that blend well with your house. 

We came across some great offers at Hillarys and Littlewoods Ireland.

Check your boiler

Regular maintenance of your boiler can be a pain. But it’s nothing compared to the frustration of having to fork out on a new one if it breaks. Have your boiler examined by a professional to ensure it’s in top shape for the stress you’ll inevitably place upon it for the coming months.



The government offers a number of incentives to boost your home’s energy rating. You can qualify for rebates on your spend or even discounts up front on features like new windows and doors, wall insulation, heat pump systems and updated heating controls. Head to https://www.seai.ie/grants/home-grants/better-energy-homes/ to learn about energy efficiency grants.


Sometimes you have to spend money to save money. A Home Improvement Loan will allow you to fund these updates to your home, which could save you money in the long run.

Open up our Loan Calculator, and see how much you can afford to repay. If you’re ready to apply, you can do so directly from that same Loan Calculator. And with a promotional rate on our Home Improvement loans, chances are it’s more affordable than you think!

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