5 tips for getting your home ready for Winter

Winter is upon us. Not only are weather warnings a pain for us all, they can be a testing time for your home too. But there are some changes you can make – both big and small – that can help to weather the storm. Here’s 5 tips to get your home ready for Winter.


1. Close that door behind you


Ensuring the heat generated around your house is retained to the areas where you spend most of your time is an efficient use of energy. Preserve the heat in the high activity areas of your home by closing doors between other less utilised spaces. Heating your home in this way will efficiently spread your heat, and lower your heating bills.


2. Update your thermostat


A modern thermostat allows you to set timers for when you want your heating to kick in. This allows you to monitor and control how often the heating is turned on. Newer systems even allow you set all this from your mobile device when you’re out of the house. Meaning that every second your heating is switched on is put to best use.


3. Check your boiler


Regular maintenance of your boiler can be a pain. But it’s nothing compared to the frustration of having to fork out on a new one if it breaks. Have your boiler examined by a professional to ensure it’s in top shape for the stress you’ll inevitably place upon it for the coming months.


4. Insulation


From wall cavities to your water heater, insulation can have a positive effect on keeping cold air outside – and warm air inside – your home. Insulation can also apply to our bodies. Don’t waste money with the heating on full blast while you wander the house in your summer gear. Turn down the temperature and grab yourself a cosy jumper.


5. Grants


The government offer a number of incentives to boost your home’s energy rating. You can qualify for rebates on your spend or even discounts up front on features like new windows and doors, wall insulation and updated heating controls. Head to https://www.seai.ie/grants/home-grants/better-energy-homes/ for more details.


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