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Back to school saving tips

Planning back to school expenses can be stressful for a lot of us. If you’re a student entering third level education or a parent of a student returning to school, these saving tips are ultimate life savers. 


Buy Local and Prep in Advance

This one can be an obvious one, but it’s advice we often ignore. Planning meals in advance and buying your local produce can save you so much time and money. Preparing your meals will not only keep you healthy but also stop you from making a last-minute dash to the supermarket or spending a fortune on fast food.


Check farmer’s markets in your area and don’t forget to check asian stores too as you can find great bulk deals for rice, flour, etc in these stores.


Have a look at this guide by to locate your local markets. #ShopLocal #SupportLocal


Activity Packages

Discount websites like Groupon have great deals for dinners and activities to give the kids an escape from their school routine. This will not only give you great discounts but also help to keep you in a budget when you’re going out. Try investing in some board games for some weekends or plan outdoor activities.

Also have a look at these website for outdoor deals:

Living Social


Stop Using Disposable Items

Ever imagined the amount of money we spend every month on kitchen rolls, throwaway containers, disposable cleaning cloths and plastic grocery bags? Invest in reusable items such as washable cloths, jars and fruit and veg bags. Always keep a carry bag with you to avoid buying plastic bags for small purchases. And always carry your own coffee mug. Always.

This will not only save you money but it’s also really important for our environment.

Try Recycled Fashion

Check out charity stores for some unique and cheap buys. Kids easily get bored or lose things, then why buy everything new each year. Many of these stores even stock schoolbags, school uniforms and stationery too for the younger students! For the college kids out there, they usually have a great collection of vintage clothing to bring out the best of your creativity. If you’re lucky, you might find a bargain designer piece too!


Swap Clothes with friends or check out events by Useless Project and Swap Shop to save money and the environment. 


Have a look at these second hand stores around Dublin. 

Enable Ireland Charity Shop

St Vincent’s de Paul

Education Loan

Let us back you up

We all know going back to school or college can be an expensive time, so why not let us take some financial pressure off you.

If you’re a third level student, starting college or a parent of a student, have a look at our Education Loans or Check out our Scholarship Scheme

If you need any more help, don’t hesistate to give us a call on  018513400.

and Lastly ofcourse, Save with your local Credit Union

Member First Credit Union has a range of savings options. And the best part is that you’re not just an account holder but also a member. As a member of MFCU, you will hold shares, making you the part-owner of the credit union. Every share earns a dividend, which is the return you earn on your savings, paid out of the surplus income of Member First Credit Union every year.

To start saving with us, become a member or check out our saving options.

If you need a loan, check repayments or Call us at (01) 851 3400


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