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Are you interested in getting a mortgage with your local credit union?
Look no further because we have a full breakdown of our mortgage application process here for you.

Let us introduce you to our new online mortgage application tool that we’ve recently added to our website. Just fill in some basic information and you will receive an estimate for the mortgage amount you could be eligible to borrow. This information is then sent to our dedicated mortgage team in our loans department who will give you a call to discuss your mortgage application with MFCU.

If you have a mortgage amount in mind and wish to get an estimate of your mortgage repayments; you can use our mortgage calculator here. We have 5 year 3.2% fixed rate, 3 year 3.5% fixed rate and a variable rate of 4.25%. See below a representative example of mortgage repayments for a €200,000 and €350,000 mortgage, respectively.




Loan Amount €200,000€350,000
5 Year Fixed Interest Rate 3.2% (3.9% APR)3.2% (3.9% APR)

Monthly Repayments

(25 Years)

Total Cost of Credit€90,807.39€158,912.93
Total Repayments€290,807.49€508,912.93
*APR = Annual Percentage Rate. Normal lending criteria, terms and conditions apply.

Once you have completed the mortgage application, you can use our mortgage checklist to gather the relevant documents that will be needed for the next stage of the mortgage process. By having all these documents ready when you apply, it will speed up your application and avoid delays. For more information, please visit our mortgage page here.

Mortgage FAQ

With an MFCU Mortgage, the minimum loan amount is €100,000 and the maximum amount is €350,000. The minimum term of the loan is 5 years with a maximum term of 35 years. Estimate how much you can afford to borrow with our mortgage loan calculator here

Yes. You will need a minimum of 10% of your mortgage amount as a deposit if you are  a First time buyer & minimum of 20% of deposit is required for Second Time buyers. You will also need some extra funds for the legal fees of purchasing a home. 

No. You can only borrow towards the purchase, equity release and if switching  your mortgage  on the PPR (Principal Private Residence).

You can fill out our mortgage enquiry form online here and one of our dedicated mortgage advisors will give you a call to discuss your potential mortgage application with MFCU. 

We will contact you if there’s anything else we need and we will send you a decision on your mortgage application as quickly as possible.

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Whatever it is you dream about – talk to us today about our Great Value Personal Loans.

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