School Savings Scheme

How it Works

The students save money on a weekly basis in their school, with the money collected by a Member First representative and lodged into each student’s own personal account.

Cheque Presentation

Every participating school receives a €1000 donation from us each year. There’s only one condition – the money must be spent on something that the students will benefit from.

The School's Perspective

This Scheme allows schools to teach students to value of financial planning and the rewards of long-term commitment for achieving your goal. The €1000 annual donation also allows schools to provide new opportunities to the students – anything from extra curricular activities to new equipment.

Featured Story

See what the staff and students at Scoil Chaitriona SNS, Coolock think of our School Savings Scheme, and what they’ll do with their money.

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Sponsorship Application

If you would like to apply for sponsorship for your club or organisation, you can download our sponsorship form.