New Year's Resolution - Get your finances in check

The dreaded New Year’s Resolution. From hitting the gym to waking up earlier, we’ve all got something we’d like to change at the turn of the year. But we’ve got a resolution that will offer you real, measurable results. In 2018, why not get your finances in check?


Directly after the financial strain of Christmas, the New Year is the perfect time to take control of your spending, and discover how to leave more for yourself at the end of each month.


How can I keep track?


Try our Monthly Spending Calculator. You can map out your spending, and see where you need to cut back. By putting it all on paper, you can account for every penny you spend. You might be surprised where the bulk of your money is going.


You can calculate your total balance ­– what’s left after all your spending – to show what you can afford to spend or save.


It’s a great way to put things into perspective. It allows you to allocate money to the things that really matter.

Download the calculator here and give it a go! You may find that your expenditure is too big to keep track. In this case, completing the sheet every week will give you a better idea of your outgoings.


If you find that your balance is in good shape, consider a savings account to build a safety net for future costs.


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