Introducing 2 New Loans

Member First Credit Union are delighted to announce the launch of 2 brand new loan products for our members. Introducing the Welcome Loan, and the Self-Care Loan.


At Member First, we’re always looking for new ways to serve our members. These latest additions to our loan offerings show our desire to innovate. The Welcome Loan is for both new and existing members, who have never borrowed from us before. We want to showcase our expertise as we guide you through our lending process. In return, you’ll receive a promotional loan rate of just 7.99% (8.24% APR). Open up our Loan Calculator to see how much your repayments will cost.


The Self-Care Loan is the first of its kind. At MFCU we’re all about our members. And this loan is all about you. Whether it’s a cosmetic procedure, dental work, laser eye surgery or a Spa retreat. A Self-Care Loan can help make it happen. Bring us your Self-Care needs, and we’ll see if you’re eligible for our Self-Care Loan!


👋 The Welcome Loan is for new and existing members who have never borrowed with us.



😍 The Self-Care Loan is all about you – cosmetic procedures, dental work, laser eye surgery and more!


Apply for a Welcome Loan


Apply for a Self-Care Loan


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