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MFCU funds Puppy in Training Ulreeka

We'd like to let our members know about our recent donation to Irish Guide Dogs as part of our MFCU Community Fund. To learn more about this amazing charity and how you can help funding puppy training for other puppies like Ulreeka, please continue reading.


Ulreeka is a very cute and very special puppy as she’s in training with Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind and will hopefully go on to change someone’s life.

Ulreeka will spend approximately 10months with her puppy raiser learning key skills such as toilet training, socialisation and obedience that will help her in her future training as a Guide or Assistance Dog.

Then she will return to Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind HQ in Cork where she’ll commence her technical training, which will begin with clicker training and how to cross roads before moving on to more advanced training, that she will need if she’s to be matched with a client. Ulreeka will spend 6 months in the centre in total and will then hopefully be matched with a client, who will continue their training together for another month before going home to begin their partnership.

Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind is one of Ireland’s most loved national charity’s. Their aim is to bring the gift of mobility and independence to visually impaired people and family’s who have children with autism.

Each Guide or Assistance Dog costs €53,000 to train and look after and Irish Guide Dogs has over 400 clients around Ireland.

MFCU is proud to support Irish Guide Dogs, and puppies like Ulreeka by making a donation to help them change lives!

To donate, please visit

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