Issues logging in to CU Online +

The recent introduction of PSD2 has brought new security requirements to our Online Banking platform – CU Online +. As a result, some members are experiencing difficulties when logging in. The key changes with step-by-step guides are outlined below.


1. Logging into the Mobile App (CU Anywhere)


If you have not logged into your online account in the last 90 days, you will need to fully authenticate yourself by logging in to CU Online + with the steps outlined in section 2 before you can access your account through the mobile app.


2. Logging into CU Online + (on mobile or desktop)


New security measures mean you will need to authenticate yourself each time you login to CU Online +, and also when you wish to add a new payee.


To complete the authentication, follow the steps below.


  • Input your username as requested
  • Input your password (not your PIN) as requested
  • Click “Generate One-Time Passcode”
  • You will receive a 4-digit code to your mobile phone by text message
  • Enter this code and click “I Approve”
  • *Added step: The first time you login through the new process, you will finally be asked for your PIN. This will not be required for future logins.



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