5 ways to enjoy the festive period

Christmas can be a manic time. From last minute shopping to preparing the turkey, there’s always something to be done. Don’t forget to leave some time to look after yourself. Here’s 5 ways to enjoy the festive period.


1. Turn off your phone for a day – it can’t be that important

With most of us lucky enough to have a few days off around Christmas, it’s a great opportunity to completely switch off. Try switching your phone off for even just one day. You’ll get a sense of relief once you get over the initial culture shock. And, you might just realise that it’s not so important after all.


2. Take a walk

The dark days and long nights can be a dismal time. But there’s beauty in our surroundings, even when the sun isn’t shining. Wrap up warm and go out to your local park. It’s a great way to clear your head and put things into perspective.


3. Don’t forget about your neighbours

Christmas is a time for family, togetherness and celebration. Spare a thought for those who don’t have the luxury of loved ones around them. If you think your neighbours might be alone around Christmas time, invite them around for tea. You could make their Christmas, and we bet you’ll feel great about it too.


4. Plan your shopping trips

Map out everything you need to buy. Now that shopping online is easier than ever, you can trawl the stores from the comfort of your own sofa. If you’re one who likes the atmosphere of the department stores, why not be more tactical about your shopping? Browse the online stores first, and note down what you plan to buy. This way when you do head to the shops you can be far more productive with your shopping days, and you’ll have a fair idea of how much your budget needs to be too.


5. Sit back and relax

You made it. You braved the hustle and bustle amongst the last minute shoppers. The presents are wrapped and the table is set. Now all that’s left is to enjoy the day. You made it through the year, and you deserve a rest. Don’t get hung up on everything being perfect. Just sit back and enjoy the most wonderful time of the year. Despite what they say, it takes quite a while for the next one to come around.


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