5 reasons to consider a Holiday Loan

Getting a loan to go on holiday might seem unusual. You could argue that if you need a loan you shouldn’t be heading off in the first place. But consider a holiday loan as a way to stabilise your expenses. It doesn’t mean you can’t afford to get away. It’s a tool to spread your costs evenly, rather than suffering from a mad dash of money saving before you head off. Here’s our top 5 reasons to consider a holiday loan.

1. Consistency

Arguably the hardest part about getting away on holiday is the panic in the weeks leading up to your flight, when you worry that you haven’t saved enough. You don’t want to be wary of what you’re spending while you should be enjoying your time away. Loan repayments allow you to spread the cost of the holiday evenly. And since you don’t have to repay until after the holiday, any savings you put away before you go can be used to treat yourself while you’re there.


2. Affordability

As we’ve already seen from our Holiday on a budget blog post, holidays don’t have to cost a fortune. The more affordable the holiday you choose, the cheaper your loan repayments will be. With our Loan Calculator, you can get an idea of your repayment costs, and tailor your spend around this.


3. No Credit Card bills

This one speaks for itself. Credit card bills can be a nightmare, and facing up to them the month after your dream holiday can make you question if it was all worthwhile. You are forced to come up with a hefty sum to repay your bill, or face astronomical interest rates. This comes back to the consistency and affordability of loan repayments.


4. Perfect budgeting tool

Getting a Holiday Loan means you know exactly how much you have to spend on your trip. From flights to accommodation to spending money while you’re there, you can map out what you can afford to spend. This way, when you return home sun-kissed and refreshed, your finances should be maintained, and your standard income will be at your disposal for any day to day costs.


5. You deserve a break

Not exactly the most acclaimed financial advice. But, we all need a break. Whether it’s a few days down the country or a few weeks in the tropics – your body and mind will thank you.


If you’re interested, head to our Personal Loan page to check out all the great benefits of a loan from us. If you don’t need any more convincing, you can start your application right here from our Loan Calculator.


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