Benefits of a Credit Union Car Loan

When it comes to financing the purchase of a new car, you’ll have offers from all angles. It’s important to consider all options before making your final decision. But we’ve got some great Car Loan benefits that might drive you towards Member First!


Cash Customer


When shopping for a new car with Member First loan approval under your belt, you have all the confidence and negotiating power of a cash customer. While all may not admit to it, car dealers love to sell a car without having to buy your old one from you. It means they skip the added step of having to sell your old car to make their full profit.


For this reason, many dealers will even offer a discounted price for cars purchased with cash. With Member First, 24 hour loan approval* means that your trip to the garage can be with the guarantee of the cash you need for your dream purchase.


Full Ownership


Buying a car today has a clouded meaning. With PCP and other incentives from dealers, you don’t actually own the car you “buy” until the end of the loan term. This can even be subject to a large payment at the end.


With our great value Car Loans, you own the car the minute you drive out of the garage with your favourite song on repeat. And that’s something to be proud of (ownership of the car that is – not the cheesy pop hit you have playing!).


Reducing Balance Interest Rate


With a Member First Car Loan, you are charged interest on the reducing balance of the loan. This means that as your total amount owed reduces, so too does the interest you are charged with each payment. You can relax as you watch your repayments decrease each week.


Expert Advice


We are proud to be a team with strong financial expertise, and lots of experience working with our community for over 50 years. You can trust us to provide honest and useful support in your decision to purchase your new car. And remember – just like you – we are members of your credit union.


Promotional Interest Rate


If we still haven’t convinced you to choose Member First for your Car Loan, how about this? We offer a discounted interest rate just for Car Loans.* Apply now for a quick response, and you’ll be shopping for your dream motor in no time.


*Lending criteria, terms and conditions apply.

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