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Terms & Conditions

Before you begin, please be sure to read all information below in relation to your application.

Data Protection & Data Privacy

The details provided in this application form together with any other information that is furnished to us in connection with this application will be retained and processed by Member First Credit Union Ltd. in accordance with our Data Privacy Statement. Please take time to read this document which is available to you at the link below.

Data Privacy Statement

Deposit Guarantee Scheme

The Depositor Information Sheet provides important information in relation to the Deposit Guarantee Scheme and your related rights. The sheet is provided to you in conjunction with your application for membership.


You’ll find a copy of our Depositor Information Sheet at the link below.

Depositor Information Sheet

Communication & Marketing

From time to time, the Credit Union may wish to inform you of goods, services, products, competitions, promotional offers and Credit Union news which may be of interest to you. The use of your details for these purposes will depend on the preferences that you express within the application form.


You can update your preferences at any time by contacting us by letter or by email at


Please note the Credit Union may still contact you where there is a legal legitimate interest basis for that contact.

European Communities (Payment Services) Regulations 2018

Please read the Framework Contract and associated information for the purpose of the European Communities (Payment Services) Regulations.


The Framework Contract is available at the link below.

Framework Contract


By applying for membership of Member First Credit Union you agree to abide by the rules of the credit union. You confirm that the information provided by you on this form is true and correct to the best of your knowledge and belief. You understand that any false or misleading information given by you in connection with this application for membership of Member First Credit Union Ltd. may result in termination of your membership, apart from any other legal sanctions that may apply.



Politically Exposed Persons


During your application you will be asked if you or a member or your immediate family are a Politically Exposed Person.


A Politically Exposed Person is a person who holds or has held within the previous year a prominent public position (e.g. heads of state, high-ranking government or army officials, government minister, high court judge etc.)


Tax Residency For the Purposes of the Common Reporting Standards.


This information is being sought for the purposes of reporting obligations under the Common Reporting Standard (CRS), as provided for by Section 891F of the Taxes Consolidation Act 1997. The information required to be reported under the CRS, including name, address, TIN, account number, account balance and payments on the account will be provided to the Revenue Commissioners and may be exchanged securely with another Competent Tax Authority in your jurisdiction of tax residence, but such information will at all times be treated with the strictest confidentiality as required by applicable data protection laws. Only data that is legally required to be reported will be provided to the Revenue Commissioners. For more information on this, please speak to your credit union, contact Revenue at or visit this link.



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