Our New Digital Education Initiative

The first of it's kind in Ireland, these unique workshops are delivered free of charge as they are sponsored by Member First Credit Union and are designed to be fun, evidence based and focused on practical steps for positive change in the School setting,

In partnership with UnPlug, we have launched a new digital education initiative. The initiative was officially launched with Minister for Mental Health, Jim Daly at Dáil Éireann and is currently being delivered to local primary schools across North Dublin.

The initiative is designed to raise awareness of the impact that technology and social media have on the lives of young people and promote positive tech habits for children in the school setting -providing them with the skills and coping strategies to have a more balanced relationship with technology and social media. The workshops are designed to be fun, evidence based and focused on practical steps for positive change.


The initiative is uniquely delivered in two workshops in each school – one workshop is delivered to primary school children in 5th and 6th class and the other to their parents and guardians.


As one of the largest community based Credit Unions in the country serving communities across North Dublin we recognise the changing needs of the modern consumer and have adopted our business model to deliver traditional Credit Union services of savings and loans in a digital way while not forgetting our traditional roots in the community. Member First Credit Union through its School Savings Scheme Programme have been working with local North Dublin schools for over 20 years and this initiative as another way for us to give back and add value to your local community


We are a technically capable, remotely accessible Credit Union with a visible local presence, We see the withdrawal of the banks from the main streets as an opportunity. By filling the void and offering our services across multiple platforms, we aim to become the No. 1 loan provider in North Dublin for all your borrowing needs. This balanced approach between a traditional and digital service offering is reflective of the message the Credit Union aims to promote in this wellbeing programme – it’s all about balance.


“We want young people to manage their technology and empower them with digital literacy skills. As a result, school children are more focused when studying and more present when spending time with friends and family ” – Darren O’Reilly, CMO at Member First Credit Union.


“The initiative is not anti-technology. If used mindfully, technology has extraordinary benefits, for example around STEM. It is the way in which people engage with it that makes the difference.” – Chris Flack, Founder of UnPlug


“Modern life and the always on mentality is stressful and can impact on young people’s wellbeing, so implementing strategies for protecting children from stress and helping them learn to cope with change is an extremely positive influence. We look forward to seeing  this programme adopted across the local communities we serve in North Dublin” – Fiona Cunningham, CEO of Member First Credit Union.

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About UnPlug

We have partnered with InPlug to deliver this free programme at primary level education. UnPlug deliver a range of solutions to help people control their technology instead of their technology controlling them.  Founded in 2015, the team is made up of senior tech, psychology and neuroscience professionals. In the workplace, UnPlug specialises in the areas of productivity and wellbeing, working with organisations including HubSpot, Accenture and The NHS. Our school deliveries are a social initiative – developed in collaboration with parents, educators and young people.

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