The Hype About Hybrids

Hybrid Car Charging

So, what’s the hype about Hybrids?

You may have considered changing your car recently, and it’s hard to ignore all the talk about Hybrid and Electric Vehicles. Let’s face it, with a Hybrid car you enjoy;

i. A more environmentally-friendly vehicle

ii. Cheaper running costs

iii. Reduced Tax incentives

iv. Toll savings

But did you know by getting finance through a garage, although it may look like a great deal, you run the risk of paying a final balloon payment.  And we’re not talking about a €200 /€300

So why not apply with MFCU.

  • 24-hour loan approval
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  • Choice of payment frequency
  • Electronic payments
  • No deposit required
  • Own the car from the outset
  • No balloon payments when the loan term is up.

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