School Savings Scheme continues

This year has been difficult for us all, not least our young members who are working hard at school each day. The MFCU School Savings Scheme was established over 20 years ago, and sees us collect money from our young savers every week. In return, our local schools receive a grant of €1,000 each from the MFCU Community Fund to aid the purchase of new school facilities, sports equipment and other classroom essentials.


To ensure the continuation of the School Savings Scheme we have made some changes to our usual processes. Instead of physical school visits, we have issued each member with the BIC and IBAN for their savings account. Parents and guardians can use these details to save money electronically from their own online accounts. This allows parents and guardians to assist their children in developing this habit of saving while cash collections are not permitted. Young members can also now enjoy access to their online account thanks to CU Online Junior. You can register for access here.


We will endeavour to reinstate the customary School Savings Scheme once it is safe to do so and we hope you bear with us as we trial this new process. It is an uncertain time for everyone and we are doing our best to provide as many of our services as possible to our loyal members. If you have any feedback on this new process we would love to hear from you.



The School Savings Scheme is made possible by the MFCU Community Fund. If you would like to apply for sponsorship for your group or club, you can download the form here.

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