Scholarship Scheme Winner : Katie Flannagan Walsh - Member First Credit Union


We got back in touch with 2021's Paddy Gerrard Memorial Scholarship Scheme winners to see how they're getting on since winning.

Katie Flannagan Walsh started her Human Resource Management Master’s studies in September of this year and was delighted when she received the call that she was chosen by MFCU as one of our Scholarship Scheme winners. We asked her a few questions to see how she has been getting on and here’s what she said:

What has been your favourite part of the course so far?

The favourite part of my course has been moving away from Dublin and getting to live in a new city in this strange time and I am grateful that I have this opportunity.

What are you looking forward to most about the year ahead in college?

I am looking forward to in face on campus lectures to meet new people and get to enjoy the QUB campus. 

How has the MFCU Scholarship Scheme helped you with your studies this year?

With this scholarship scheme funding I have been able to concentrate on my studies and not work as many hours at my job so it has benefited my studies and allowed me to enjoy my course and definitely took some stress off my shoulders.

What would you say to other students that are considering applying for next year’s MFCU Scholarship Scheme?

If you are thinking about applying, just go for it and you never know what might happen it is definitely the best decision I made and I am able to worry less financially about my course and concentrate more on the work load so that I can balance my life and enjoy the university experience. 


As part of our Scholarship Scheme, applicants must be registered MFCU members for at least three months. Therefore we recommend that students join us at the beginning of the year.  You can join us completely online through the link below:

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