Home Improvement Trends of 2022

Even while we hoped for a return to “normal” in 2021—or at the very least a break from 2020—the year was still an uphill battle full of uncertainty. Some of us eventually returned to the office, however in the end, we all still spent a lot of time at home. So, what can we look forward to in 2022? It’s a difficult question to answer.  

People are increasingly enhancing their homes, as our homes have evolved into our offices, a school for our children, and a relaxing spot for the weekend.

As the world evolves and people’s lifestyles change, here are the top 5 trends people are adopting in 2022. So why not take a look at these trends and choose the one that best suits you and apply for one of our Home Improvement Loans?

Whatever you choose, we're on your side.

1. Home Offices

More professional specialized places are replacing kitchen counters. Zoom fatigue is real, but so is the knowledge that the video call backdrop needs to improve. We’re all becoming more conscious of how a room’s layout and aesthetics might influence our energy and productivity. When it comes to improving a home’s functionality, this room may be at the top of the list. People will devote more time and effort to creating a one-of-a-kind working environment to improve concentration, motivation, and productivity. Once abandoned rooms, such as extra living quarters and breakfast rooms, are now being transformed into unique office spaces with built-ins and high-tech solutions like smart boards, projectors, and wet bars.

2. Connecting with nature, lots of green

For years, homeowners have desired more natural light in their houses through larger window and door openings, which is expected to continue beyond 2022. People are boosting natural light in their houses and creating a more direct connection with nature by replacing windows with doors or adding larger windows for a better sense of connection to the outside.  

Plant life has been making its way into homes in increasingly inventive ways, and we’re witnessing new developments regularly. People want their homes to feel light and airy while being warm and inviting, and green is the perfect paint colour to achieve this. The pandemic prompted people to reconsider their attitudes on health, the environment, and materialism. As a result, reusing furniture and pursuing environmentally friendly materials, promoting recycling, and having meaning will be trendy in 2022. 

3. Technology – Smart Homes

Smart home or Internet of Things (IoT) devices allow you to operate your internet-connected home devices, such as lighting, heating, and electronic devices, from anywhere in the world using your smartphone. People desire as much comfort and simplicity of life as possible, given the rising number of hours they spend at home. More and more Irish individuals are deciding to convert their homes to smart homes by purchasing IOT equipped equipment and devices as the emphasis on having innovative and energy-efficient homes and lifestyles grow. 


4. Relaxing Spot

As homes are now turning into offices, people are investing in having a room that can help them unwind and relax after working hours. People are spending more time at home. Therefore, outdoor spaces are becoming more popular. Homeowners are also adding outdoor areas to their homes. Pools, water features, outdoor kitchens, fire pits, and ample seating and dining areas are among the most popular amenities. Outdoor materials have advanced significantly in recent years, allowing manufacturers to produce elegant and long-lasting outdoor sofas, tables, carpets, chairs, and decor. Ipe and travertine, for example, are more organic and natural materials. Barbecues, refrigerators, and wine coolers are more in-demand for outdoor kitchens. 


5. Hobby/Side-Hustle Room

In 2022, there is an increase in demand for a “side-hustle bedroom.” The bedroom will take on variable levels of activity, from filmmaking set to the creative or music studio, warehouse to shipment facility, with an entrepreneurial spirit, especially for Gen Z and Millennials, making everything from candles to hats. Bedroom aesthetics for younger generations become backdrops for personal branding, whether creating or promoting products or shooting TikTok videos.  

If you are planning any of these changes for your home, don’t hesitate to give us a call on 018513400 or explore our Home Improvement Loans.

Because, whatever you choose, we’re on your side.

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