Garden ideas on a budget

When the warm weather creeps in, we start to make use of our gardens. But often we realise that they need work. Here’s some budget garden ideas to get you on your way.


Get a helping hand


As the old saying goes – many hands make light work. And when the weather is nice, it’s easy to recruit help for work in the sun. Tasks don’t have to be monumental either. Even chipping away while your dinner fries up on the barbeque will make a difference, and it certainly doesn’t feel like work!


Re-use and Recycle


Not only is recycling good for the environment, it’s great on your pocket too. Re-purposing old furniture, or even using items that would otherwise be disposed of (like empty wine bottles ­– courtesy of the barbeque we’ve already mentioned) is a great way to decorate your garden. It also makes for an authentic and original appearance.


Plant with patience


Your first thought might be to kit out the entire garden in one visit to the garden centre. But this is neither healthy on your budget nor on the plants you’re buying. Instead, start off with the minimum amount that will make a difference to your garden. This allows the plants to grow into the available space, and also means your budget won’t be blown in one afternoon.


Buy second hand


Second hand items are a great way to stay within budget. And antique and rare items can also add great character to your space. Being outdoors, your furnishings are bound to succumb to the weather at some point. Second hand purchases are a great way to counteract the anxiety of seeing your expensive items exposed to the elements.


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