Did You Know?

You probably think you know, but we want to set the record straight on a number of long-held views about Member First that simply aren't true!

1. You have to save for ages before you can borrow (WRONG)

You can join Member First and apply for a loan straight away.


Approval is based on the amount you can afford to repay.

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2. It's hard to get a loan from the credit union (WRONG)

It couldn’t be easier.


We have a 97% loan approval rate. You can apply for a loan from anywhere as we offer many ways to make an application, including over the phone, in branch and online.

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3. You can only borrow three times your savings (WRONG)

The credit union is here for loans big and small. You can borrow up to €75,000 with us (or even more if it’s a mortgage you’re after).


Approval is solely based on your ability to repay the loan.

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4. Credit unions are old-fashioned

Not this one. At Member First, we’ve got our finger on the pulse. Notice how many ways members can transact with us, how easy we are to deal with, and how we’re open to everyone in the community. We are striving to be the Next Generation Credit Union – taking everything that is good about a Credit Union but delivering it in a way that meets our members modern day needs.

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5. Credit union loans are expensive (WRONG)

We have some of the most competitive loan rates on the market, including promotional rates for Car Loans, Home Improvement Loans, Education Loans and Covered Loans.

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6. You have to live beside a credit union to join

You can either live or work in the area of a Member First branch to join. And with six locations across North Dublin, chances are there’s one nearby. If you are already a member you can use any of our 6 branches.

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