Death Benefit Insurance

€2,300 cover for only €1 per week

Important Documents

Before you sign up for Death Benefit Insurance, it’s important that you read the information linked below.

Member First Credit Union is pleased to offer members a Death Benefit Insurance Programme to assist with end of life expenses. In summary, this programme provides: €2,300 fixed life assurance cover, payable on your death. No medical is required.

Rules of the Scheme

  1. Members must be under the age of 71 at the time of enrolment.
  2. New Members can enrol in the program on the 1st January each year, the following chart should explain the criteria. 
    Member Current Age Age next birthday Programme Eligibility
    A 70 71 after 1st January Eligible
    B 70 71 before 1st January Not Eligible
  3. Members will need to ensure that they have at least €57.00 in the account at the time of deduction. *(€52.00 for the program taken in a lump sum each January, and €5.00 to ensure your Credit Union account remains open).
  4. If a Member does not have at least €57.00 in their account at the time of deduction, they are automatically removed from the program.
  5. A Member can rejoin the program at the appropriate time, providing they meet the eligibility criteria at the time of rejoining.
  6. Please be aware that you must opt-in to this program, enrolment is not automatic. Download our DBI Entry Form and return it to your local branch to join.

Once you join the Program you remain a member of the Program, which auto-renews on an annual basis, until such time as you choose to opt-out of the Program, or you stop paying the premium or your membership of the Credit Union ceases. You can opt out of the program by completing the cancellation form which can be found below under the documents section.


We are delighted that Member First Credit Union can provide this insurance, as it demonstrates our commitment to our members. If you have any questions, our team are on hand at all our branches and on the phone, and they will be delighted to help you.


Death Benefit Insurance Documents:



This policy is arranged, on behalf of Member First Credit Union by Cuna Mutual Group Services (Ireland) Limited which is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland. This Program is underwritten by Utmost PanEurope dac, a designated activity company registered in Ireland (No 311420) and authorised by the Central Bank of Ireland with registered office at: Navan Business Park, Athlumney, Navan, Co Meath. Member First Credit Union is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland