Employee Savings Scheme and Loan Scheme (CU@Work)


Member First Credit Union operates a number of payroll deduction schemes with a number of employers in our catchment area.

One of the common misconceptions about credit unions is that you can only become a member if you live in the area. Well at Member First Credit Union you can join if you work in the area too. The good thing about this is that all your family members who live in the same household can join too!

CU@Work, our Savings Scheme and Loan Scheme allows employees to have a desired amount of their wages paid into their savings or loan amount at the Credit Union.  Having some of your wages deducted at source is a very convenient way of saving money or paying back a loan.

Benefits to Employees Benefits to Employers
Access to one of Dublin’s most progressive Credit Unions Expand your employee benefits package
Effective and easy way to save No costs involved or administration burden
Allows employees to take control of their  own finances Our education loan scheme  can help employees fund their own re-training and career development
Regular site visits – allowing employees to conduct business at their own convenience Our Qualified Financial Advisors can assist your employees nearing retirement age
Access to their own personal account manager Reduce employee stress (Financial Worries)

If you are interested in joining an existing payroll scheme or setting up a new one please contact Darren on darren.oreilly@mfcu.ie for more information.