Surviving College on a Budget!

The one big problem with student life is living on peanuts. Rent, nights out, food, books add up so quickly that you can’t afford a breakfast roll after a night out in week three. As hard as it may be, students need to learn how to budget. And since we aren’t all accountants, MFCU are here to guide our student members and families on the best ways to save money:


Washing Clothes
If you are living in student digs, this definitely applies to you. Try and persuade your mammy to do your washing at the weekend, it might save you a few euro on washing machines during the week. And even if you have your own washing machine, ask your mam to do it anyway! They’re better at it!


Food Shopping
Bundle in with flat mates on the food bill! When you’re doing your shopping, make sure you buy food for the week. Whatever you do, don’t get a trolley because you’ll end up filling it and spending more money than you have. Make a list of what you need and decide a budget. And remember, you don’t always have to buy brands!


Use your student discounts!
Student discounts are offered in a variety of places from clothes shops, supermarkets, restaurants and even the hairdressers! The rates vary but you’re looking at saving 10-20% of the total cost!

Bonus: If you don’t have a student Leap Card, get one. They’ll save you a fortune in the long run with cheaper transport fares and tickets.


Nights out
Although an enjoyable and important part of college life… it is certainly the biggest money burner! A lot of students spend the majority of their money on booze, not to mention the spin off costs like taxis and takeaways. By being thrifty with your nights out you can make a considerable difference to your budget. Try and limit how many times you go out per week and make the most of cheap student nights! Most colleges run events on campus that are considerably cheaper than going clubbing in town.


Another student budget killer! The morning caffeine fix before a day of college can cost up to €75 a month. Get yourself a flask and make your coffee at home. Although instant coffee isn’t as nice or luxurious it’ll cost you the price of one takeaway coffee and last a whole month!


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