Stay Fit on a Student Budget

Staying fit in college is important for your physical and mental health. University is certainly a trap in that people can lose control over their diets and exercise routines through a variety of distractions from academic work, social life and most prominently … budget. However you don’t have to break the bank and there are always ways to be smart with how you spend your money to stay fit. Here’s a few tips on how you can incorporate regular exercise in to college life:

1.Get outside!


Getting outdoors, be it walking, jogging, cycling, running or hiking is brilliant not only for your physical health but for your mental wellbeing too. Getting some fresh air can help clear and relax the mind which is very important, particularly at times of deadlines and exams when stress is prominent. The best thing about exercising outside for students is that it is free! It is a great way to stay fit in college at your own pace with lots of options to choose from depending on your interests. Get your buddies to join you!

2. Campus Gym

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If outdoors isn’t your thing, your next port of call is probably the college’s gym. All colleges offer student rates for full gym access during the academic calendar. It’ll cost you up front but you’ll get access to state of the art facilities during the semester at a fraction of the normal rate. Some places even offer group discounts for joining so try and get your friends on board! The trick here, to ensure that you are getting value for your money, is to join as soon as the semester starts and use the facilities regularly – try incorporate a gym slot in to your lecture timetable!

Bonus: The majority of university gyms have leisure centers attached to them with facilities like swimming pools, jacuzzis, saunas and steam rooms included in the membership. Ideal for down time during the semester exactly when you need them!


3. Check out YouTube


YouTube is full of fitness bloggers and influencers that are broadcasting their knowledge and expertise for free, which is good news for students! The majority of students nowadays tend to follow these people on social networks like Instagram, so why not jump on board and head over to their Youtube channel to try some workouts! Most offer home workouts where you won’t need a gym or equipment. Once you have an internet connection you’re good to go!

4. Join a club or soc! 


Joining a college sports club or society can be a cheap and cheerful way to both stay fit and involved in college! There tends to be a huge and crazy variety from GAA, watersports, dancing, to American Football and Airsoft! It’s both a social and a fitness win for students, you’ll be sure to find something that suits your lifestyle and interests.



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