Eating Healthy in College

Keeping your diet clean in college can be a daunting task and can hurt your wallet, but health is your wealth! What you eat can really have an impact on energy levels and focus! So try and establish good habits early on in the year by keeping your body and brain well-fueled by choosing nutritious foods that have been proven to aid concentration and memory! As well as this, the knock on effects of eating right will leave you looking and feeling better and you’ll ultimately save in the long run on things like cosmetics and medicine. We’ve put together a list of tips that well help you get on the right track without breaking the bank this college year:


1. Eat Whole Foods.
Unprocessed foods are cheaper and more nutritious than processed foods. They also give you total control over the ingredients and you can track what you’re actually eating. Stay away from the fast food on campus and focus on getting a good quality source of protein, carbohydrates and fats with every meal.


2. More Protein!Image result for eat more protein meme
Eating whole protein with each meal will keep you fuller for longer. Meat can be expensive so maybe steak isn’t the right source for students! Why not try using cheaper cuts of meat in your meals – particularly for stews, casseroles and soups, you won’t tell the difference and these dishes help make tougher cuts more juicy! You can also get protein from so many different sources – try incorporate legumes, beans, eggs, hemp seeds, nuts and tinned fish.


3. Use Your Freezer!
A freezer is a students friend! Freezing food boosts shelf life and will help you avail of discounts:

• Supermarkets sell off meat when it’s nearing the expiration date, grab a few and throw them in the freezer.
• Store leftovers in lunchboxes for use in the future when you’re tight on time or for lunches.
• Buy sale and in season foods in bulk and freeze them to make them last, you can stock for months and save a ton.
• Frozen fruit & veg can be up to half the price of fresh and again you can buy in bulk to get more discount. They also tend to be pre-washed and pre-cut, which saves preparation time.


4. Stick to own-brands!


The own brand products found in the shop really are just as good as the big branded products and at a fraction of the cost, ideal for students! All food manufacturers follow stringent food safety and quality guidelines so you are sure to be getting good quality products while getting the value for your euro, what more could you ask for?


5. Don’t bring a party to the supermarket!


If possible, avoid making a group outing out of your shopping trip. You will shop quicker and more efficiently without friends! Rotate the responsibility every week with your flat mates and stick to a shopping list.


6. Get a rewards card
Most supermarkets offer rewards cards and points schemes to help you avail of discounts and sales. Some cards save and give you money, like gift certificates once you’ve spent a certain amount. Signing up takes a few minutes and is free so there’s no excuse! You’ll be surprised how quickly they add up and how much you can save.


7. Buy in bulk


You will often see great deals for buying large volumes of groceries in supermarkets so it can be a good idea to stock up if the opportunity presents itself. Things like cleaning materials, toiletries and canned or non perishables are your safest bets when buying in bulk. Make sure that you’re buying stuff that you’ll be sure to get the use of and not just buying for the sake of it, bundle in with flat


8. Avoid prepacked and convenience foods! 


Microwave meals and noodles…the typical student diet! However making your own meals from scratch compared to buying a microwaveable ready meal would work out as both cheaper and more nutritious and often times it tastes better too! Try set up a cooking calendar with your flat mates where one person cooks for the group on a particular day.



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