8 Things You Shouldn’t Pay Full Price For!



Sometimes shopping around, having some patience, and a general sense of thrift can go a long way in your budget. We’ve compiled a list of the most common things you can really avoid paying full price for, happy shopping!



1. Clothes

The trick to getting the best deal on your clothes is to shop off-season. Purchase your clothes when they go on sale. Often spring clothes hit stores in January, so you can pick up winter clothes selling off at deep discounts!





2. Books

We all know about the library for checking out books, it’s a no brainer especially with most books nowadays costing €10-€20 new. Some libraries even offer free e-books for your Kindle!





3. Dinner out

There are some simple ways to save on your next meal out:

  • Sign up at the restaurant’s website and get coupons or offers sent to you.
  • You can also purchase discounted vouchers online on GroupOn, which is a personal favourite!




4. Car insurance

Take a minute and make a few calls and you might be able to lower your rates, especially this year with the recent hike in premiums up to 40%. You could save hundreds by ringing around different providers.




5. Appliances

The trick here is to purchase at the right time. Often when a new model is on the way or is released, last year’s model will be slashed in price. If it was good enough a week or month ago when it was the ‘latest model’, it’ll do now!




6. Video Gamesvideo-games-money

These days prices have shot up and the most popular games are up to €80 new. Unless you are one of those “I need to have it now” gamers, try wait a while before buying. Price will fall as the game gets older and most game shops offer traded in or second hand games for a fraction of the price.



7. Gadgets

We all want to own the latest phone or tablet but they do come at quite a cost.  One simple way to always save is to purchase refurbished.  Refurbished just means someone purchase and then returned it to the store. It doesn’t mean used.
Often people will sell their brand new upgrades online a lot cheaper than in store, with no difference. A little patience for the right listing to pop up could save you a lot of money.


8. Watertap

You already pay for water to come into your home.  Instead of paying for bottles, just fill up your own reusable bottles yourself! It’s that simple, but spending €10 on bottled water a week amounts to €520 a year. Why!!