6 Ways to Save Money on Home Renovations


There is no denying that Home Renovations are costly, but like many things there are ways to be clever with your budget in order to exceed your financial expectations… without hampering quality! MFCU want to help our members, so we’ve made a list of 6 ways you can save money during your build project:


  1. Windows

You can make a spectacular change with really big windows or French doors – increasing natural light is always a good investment. The effect of the change is a great bang for your buck. If you have single glass windows, even if they’re in decent shape, it may be worth replacing them with insulated windows, which will save money on heating and also help reduce sound.


  1. Insulation

If you’re doing a home improvement these days, insulation should be a priority. With the introduction of insulation for exterior walls and ceilings you should include it wherever you get a chance! It’s relatively cheap and will save you tons in the long run on heating.


  1. Know Where to Spend

Home improvements are an investment, so you can’t take too many shortcuts as re-do costs will come back to bite you. However, being clever with your budget and focusing it in crucial areas can go a long way for savings. Try spending extra money on functional and central pieces such as door hardware, light fixtures, and furniture. Details that get used daily need to be not only good-looking but also durable!


  1. Be Creative

Maybe a drastic change isn’t needed after all? Get the thinking cap on and shake things up a little before jumping into a decision. Try staining wooden floors and cabinets, changing paint colour or moving furniture to give your home a new lease of life!


  1. You Don’t Always Need to Buy New!

Rather than spending hundreds or thousands on new items and in home depots, check online or at markets for old, refurbished and unfinished cabinets and furniture. They can add character and a touch of class to a setting without the price tag to go with it!


6. Clearances! 

Buy at times shops are having clearances or sales. These happen quite often for furniture outlets and can save you a lot of money with great discounts given that the figures you’re dealing with are high! Even hardware shops will have clearances from time to time, keep your ear to the ground!





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