5 Ways to Save on School Costs!


Back to school time is always a particularly expensive time of the year for parents, and people are always looking for ways to save money on school costs. We’ve highlighted below some of the annual back-to-school expenses along with some tips on how you might save money:


1. Hand-me-downs
With a lot of wear and tear, it can be difficult to pass-on or obtain second hand school uniforms in good condition. However it can be worth checking with neighbours or relatives for second hand school uniforms which are often not worn much and can effect considerable saving if purchased second hand.


2. Shop-around for generic items
While you may have to visit specific shops to purchase items with the school logo, e.g. jumper or tracksuit, make sure you shop around for the generic items such as skirts, trousers or shirts. Larger chain stores can have some very good offers early in the school season. However be cautious in that cheapest isn’t always the most cost effective. Spending that little bit more on better quality may mean that the jumper or trousers may last you a little longer saving on secondary purchases during the school year!


3. A Good Schoolbag!
Buying a cheaper school bag may seem cost effective now, but generally kids will have them destroyed by the end of term. It is their ultimate tool for the year after all! Spend more money on a high quality sturdy canvas backpack that will last through a few years wear and tear.

Remember; if you buy cheap, you’ll buy twice!


4. Book Shops
Where you can, try and buy second-hand books. If purchasing in a school book shop always ask the shop assistant when submitting your school book list to check first for second hand books available. When buying second hand it is particularly important to check that you are buying the version of the book specified by your school. Another way to save money is to trade in or sell books that your children have finished.

It is equally important to shop around when buying new school books, while the prices of the books themselves may differ very little from shop to shop, there are good deals in terms of reduced or free book covering or, for online buyers, reduced or free delivery.


5. Finally, plan ahead.

Forking out a couple of hundred euro just before school starts can be a financial strain on any family. Plan ahead and budget so your wallet doesn’t get too much of a shock come September. If you need assistance, check out our promotional Education Loan here.


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