5 Ways to Save on Car Repairs

The final part of our Car Blog series will give you advice on how to save on car repairs and maintenance. When the car gets sick, the bank gets sicker. The cost of repairs and replacements can sky rocket and always come without warning. But there are ways you can delay and manage both the quantity and severity of repairs required for your car:


  1. Know what your car needs and when.

Checking the owner’s manual will save you from being up charged when you take your car in for maintenance. Find a trustworthy mechanic and avoid the sales pitch of “recommended procedures”. Often they aren’t essential so avoid the cost!


  1. Cut out the hard braking.

Just like aggressive driving, hard braking can be costly! You’ll extend the life of your brakes and save on pad replacements which can costs hundreds over the life of the car.


  1. Rotate your own tires.

Front tires wear more quickly than rear tires, fact. You often hear people needing new front tires but not back – avoid this by switching them. You help ensure both sets wear evenly and that you won’t have to prematurely replace them.


  1. Replace your air filter:

To keep dirt out of the engine and improve fuel economy, you should replace this every 30,000 miles. As well as saving on petrol, you can do this yourself in a few minutes to avoid the labour cost.


  1. Handle other easy repairs.

The days of servicing your own car are dying as vehicles become more complex. Despite this, if you are handy, you can still manage to do a couple of bits without the need of paying a mechanic. Try replacing wiper blades, fuses and lights by yourself. Look up how-to-videos as an assistant!