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Budgeting and Borrowing this Christmas

This Christmas will be very different as compared to previous years. While this time of the year is expensive for everyone, it might be a little harder on some more than others. It is important that we’re cautious of where our funds are coming from and how we’re allocating them this Holiday season.


It’s firstly important to set budgets for meals and gifting with your family. Have a look at your expenditure from previous years and see what changes you would like to make this holiday season. If you have rainy day savings, try to safeguard them and workout your budgets from your regular incoming instead. 

Don’t forget to consider festive decorations, the Christmas tree or any other expenses you might incur during the holiday month. Once’s you have weeded out all the unnecessary expenses, give yourself a target budget.

And once’s that worked out, see how much your regular incomings will cover and for any additional expenses, consider borrowing the rest from us. Have a look at our Christmas Loan Calculator to get an estimate of repayments for the amount you’s like to borrow

How can a Christmas Loan Help?

Helps you stick to your goal

A Christmas Loan with us will help you stick to the budget you’ve set for yourself.

Avoid High Credit Card Interests

Budgeting an amount and borrowing that in advance will save you from the exorbitant interest rates charged by credit card companies. When you can borrow as little as €500 and upto €5000 with us, why use a credit card?

Early Repayments

We do not charge you any extra amount for early repayments. You can enjoy a flexible payment schedule and clear your loan early if you please!

It is now quick and easy to apply. Use the MFCU mobile app or apply here and get approved within 24 hours of submitting your documents!


To learn more about our Christmas Loans, click here or give us a ring at (01) 851 3400 to talk to a loan adviser!

Learn more about our Christmas Saving Scheme here (insert link) and stay prepared for Christmas 2021!


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