AGM 2020 - Responses to your feedback

“I missed the community involvement of the usual AGM”

This was a recurring theme throughout the survey and some survey participants noted they missed the “cup of tea and chat with friends” and the “chance to meet the Staff and Board Members” etc. The community involvement within Credit Unions, even down to the simple matter of sharing a cup of tea and a mince pie while talking with other Members best represents the social aspect of a member owned, community based, cooperative movement. Its something we all miss, and we look forward to many years of AGM’s where we can come together safely over a cup of tea.


A number of survey participants noted that they had problems with the question and hand raising  facilities during the AGM.

This is an area we can definitely improve upon.

Prior to the AGM, we invited questions and requested that they be emailed directly to the address- we got a number of questions both before and after the AGM to this address.  We answered some of those question both before and after the AGM as they involved personal information or information that wasn’t relevant to the AGM, the remaining questions were given to those whose area it involved (finance for example) and they were included in either their reports or answered during the AGM.

During the AGM we received 10 questions,  2 were comments and remainder were either answered during the AGM or after the AGM. We answered these after the AGM in order to get further clarification from the Member who asked the question. All questions that were asked either before, during or after the AGM were answered.

We don’t show the question box during the AGM as sometimes Members inadvertently include personal details.

A learning point from the survey results for us it that, we need to inform our Members more clearly about how to raise a question, we aim to do this by clearly highlighting the “ask question” facility throughout the AGM and by providing clearer information on our web site and annual report on how to raise a question. As one survey participant put it- “this will allow greater interaction and participation throughout the AGM”

Another learning point for us is that we also need to give clearer information on the  “raise hand” facility. The raise hand facility was used for proposing and seconding motions as well as a show of hands during the AGM.  on our web platform. Again this should allow for greater Member participation and interaction during the AGM.


A survey participant commented that there was “no opportunity to see or to hear from the people who were going forward for the vacancy on the committee”

This is definitely something we will be considering for future AGM’s.


A number of survey participants commented on the attendance figures.

212 Members registered for the AGM and 158 actually logged onto the AGM.


A question also arose as to “What is the Quorum for the Cu AGM?”

The regulations set out that the quorum of a Credit Union of our size is 30 Members.


Some survey participants asked questions about the amount of Staff involved in the AGM- “more cu staff than members”

The AGM was broadcasted from the studios of our media partners, in the studio were 3 staff members (our CEO, the Head of Regulatory Compliance and our Marketing Manager), our Chair Person was also present. A number of our Staff are also Members of the Credit Union and they (22 of them) attended the AGM remotely and solely in their capacity as Members.


Similarly a few survey participants commented on staff winning raffle prizes,

During the AGM, myself and the producer from our media partners produced a list of all Members who logged onto the AGM. We then removed all Staff Members, Board Members and Board Oversight Committee Members from the raffle list . We randomised the remaining list and the first 12 Members on the list were the raffle winners.


“no dividend”

The Central Bank gave guidance to all Credit Union on the issue of paying a dividend.


One survey participant raised the issue of the impact that an online AGM would have on our more elderly Members “My only concern was some senior members that may not be familiar with technology could have felt somewhat excluded through no ones fault”.

This is a really good point, and we found it wasn’t only senior members who were not familiar with technology. We are partnered with “Age Friendly Ireland” and raised this with them prior to the AGM. They provided us with training videos and booklets that were specifically  designed to help elderly people familiarise themselves with the basic IT skills such as setting up an email account and logging onto the internet. We positioned these videos and booklets on the AGM page of our web site, and we advertised this fact via the annual report, posters in branches, our social media and on our web site.  From the feedback we received it wasn’t just elderly members that used these training aids.


The issue of AGM details provided to the Members was also raised. “If possible members should be able to have ALL relative information I. e Agenda etc sent to them (on line) in order to have a relative question (if necessary) prepared for the Q & A session”

The annual return which is provided by post or email to all Members contains this information, but the Members here are 100% right , it would be much more efficient to email these documents to the Member (rather than post it) as this would ensure the Member has all documents  centrally located on their PC-Lap Top- Tablet or Smart Phone. To achieve this we are encouraging all Members to sign up for email regulatory notices.


Survey participants also commented on the length of time the AGM took and the detail involved in the various reports.

This is something we have under review to ensure that we provide all the information and details that are required without going on too long.


A question was raised about the voting,  “The voting was done too quickly with no results declared and also all rule changes taken in one vote when should’ve been separate.

For each poll, we allocated 30 seconds for completions, we came up with this figure due to the fact that the majority of the polls were simple votes, should we have a complex issue to vote on we will of course enlarge the polling time.

It is a requirement that results of the voting be announced and I am glad to say in this instances that the poll results were announced just prior to the end of the AGM.

There were a number of rule changes relating to the provision of remote AGM’s, the majority of these were simple definitions. Due to the fact that the entire rule changes were contained in the Annual Report which had been sent to all Member before the AGM, it was felt that it would be an efficient use of AGM time to combine the rule changes.


One survey participant commented on the raffle that took place during the AGM. “I felt that the amount of spot prizes (12) were a very poor offering. I have been at AGMs with not too many more members and there has been a greater amount of prizes. Instead of large prizes, like afternoon tea in the Shelbourne, perhaps more vouchers therefore more members receiving prizes.”

The raffle is a process that we use to thank our Members for attending their AGM. We note the concern and will review the prizes used in future AGM raffles.


The issue of the Members Prize Draw was also raised, “I know members have brought up putting the raffle back to branches and i do think this would be a good idea. I would love to see a loyalty draw even twice a year as some of us in it nearly 40 years .

The Members Prize Draw is run on a non-profit basis with the proviso that all monies raised through the draw are released as prizes except any administration costs. (admin costs in this instance would be printing costs and the cost of the independent observer).

It would be impossible to sever the Members Prize Draw into a per branch basis.


Opening date for new office in Raheny.

We had planned to have the new office opened by the start of April, unfortunately restriction has had an impact on us, and we are now hoping to have it opened before May. We will keep our Members informed about this.


A number of survey participants commented on the final song.

This was provided by our esteemed friends The Forget Me Nots, they performed “We’ll meet again” in memory of those who have gone before us. I am sure we can all agree that it was beautifully sang and presented. Their website is


Finally, one survey participant hit the nail on the head when they said, “Virtual events should be looked at in conjunction with traditional AGM in a non-covid environment”.

This is something that we are currently reviewing. The remote AGM was ideal for some Members, whereas others would prefer a physical AGM.