5 tips for doing up your home

After much consideration, you’ve decided that your home needs a face-lift. This can be an overwhelming time. But there are steps you can take to simplify and even enjoy the process. Here’s 5 tips for doing up your home.


1. Get your house in order

Before jumping to conclusions about what you do and don’t need in your dream house, you’ll first need to see what’s really missing. De-cluttering and organising your home allows you to recognise which parts of the house are in need of renovation, and which are best left to future projects.


2. Rank each improvement

An afternoon spent whisking around IKEA – gathering everything you need from start to finish – may sound like the simplest way to go about your improvements. While it might save time, it certainly won’t save money. Chances are you won’t be happy with each impulse purchase, and there are certainly bargains to be had if you shop around.


3. Shop around

The cost of home improvements can become an endless stream of money if you don’t map your spend. From new chairs to match the new kitchen table, to a fresh paint job in the dining room to match the bright colour in the hallway, or a new television for the updated living room – there’s always something else to add to the list. But setting out a plan and ranking your preference means that you can stick to what you know you really want and need from your home renovations, and leaves the more luxury items at the bottom of the list for future consideration.


4. Do what you can

Similar to shopping around for the best products, the same mistakes can be made when seeking the best home improvement services. Rather than falling to the sales pitch of a professional offering everything from start to finish, consider each task individually. Refer to your ranked preferences, and see what items you can tick off on your own. While certain jobs are best left to professionals, there are some tasks that you might be able to complete yourself, like filling a skip or clearing the spare room.


5. It’s your home, keep it that way

Try to stay neutral in the various suggestions that will likely come your way from friends, family and professionals alike. While they may have some interesting and worthwhile ideas, remember that it’s you who will be living in this updated space. A state-of-the-art hot tub, or fully-kitted games room might seem useful to some, but if they’re not your cup of tea, it will be money down the drain. Stick to your plan and make it your home.


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