Car Loan

Re-member your first… set of wheels?

“I got my car loan two years ago. My parents had set me up with a credit union account when I was very young and always encouraged me to work hard and save. When I applied for my car loan, the staff were very helpful. They advised me how much I could borrow and pay back every month, without stretching myself. It was really good advice.”

~ Aoife O’Reilly

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Here are some reasons to get you revved up:

• 24 Hour Loan Approval
• No lump sum payment or minimum deposit required
• You own the car outright from the start, unlike hire purchase
• You can buy a new or used car
• No arrangement or documentation fees
• Flexible repayment options
• Free loan protection insurance*
• No penalties for early repayment
• No ballooon payments


Car Loan 5.99% (6.16 APR*)

Representative Example

Loan Amount Variable Interest Rate Monthly Repayments over 5 Years Total Interest Payable
€5,000 5.99% (6.16% APRC*) €97.04 €822.19
€10,000 5.99% (6.16% APRC*) €194.07 €1644.37
€20,000 5.99% (6.16% APRC*) €388.15 €3288.74



*APRC = Annual Percentage Rate of Charge

Normal lending criteria, terms and conditions apply.

*Lending Criteria, terms and conditions apply